Madonna Church 마돈나 성당

Christ the Teacher Academy

Grades Pre K through 8th

The aim of Christ the Teacher Academy is to have its students experience a Christian education to prepare and develop their lives in the Roman Catholic tradition. 

As a school serving a variety of cultures and students of many faiths, the faculty and administration recognizes these differences. We communicate traditional Christian values and provide students with multi-cultural experiences and curriculum and attitudes that accept each person as a unique individual.

We develop this idea through Christ’s teachings that “we are all God’s children”. We encourage active participation in the church and community services, not only by the student, but by his or her entire family; in so doing, each child will strengthen their love of God, of self and others. 

The curriculum adheres to the guidelines set down by the Archdiocese of Newark.

The policies, whether administrative, educational or management, are prepared and formalized by the Principal with input from Rev. Bruce Janiga, Pastor of Madonna Church.

Changes in policies come directly from Fran Lacinak, the Principal. Policies are implemented by the staff and faculty. 

Grades Pre K through 5 are self contained, while grades 6 through 8 are departmental, covering all subject areas with updated materials.
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