Madonna Church 마돈나 성당

Religious Education Pre-K to 12th Grade

Church of Madonna Religious Formation 

Our plan for 2020-2021 school year: 

-We will be using Pflaum Publishing Group's Gospel Weeklies. This specific program is liturgically based where the students and families can feel connected to the Mass, the feasts and seasons of the Liturgical Year. To learn more about the program, please visit:

-After registration, each family will receive an on-line copy of the program. If you wish to, you can pick up the physical copy of the program at church. (Please e-mail me if you wish to do so) 


-I will be uploading a Youtube video that goes with the lesson each week. The link will be e-mailed to the parents weekly. Students will complete the worksheet during/after watching the video. Then, the student will answer the 5 question on-line assessment after completing the lesson. (For reference, please visit:

-On-line assessment is 5 questions based on the lesson of the week. The student will put in my e-mail so I can be notified of each student’s progress. 


-Once you register, we will e-mail you the curriculum appropriate for your child’s grade. 


-For 2nd grade & up, the students can take a pre-assessment test to see if the student has proper religious education knowledge appropriate for the grade. The link will be e-mailed after registration. 


-First day of class is September 20th on Catechetical Sunday.


-Each grade will have a designated Sunday to attend social distanced, optional, in-person arts & craft/project/family day in the cafeteria. Each family will get a table and siblings are welcome to attend as well. We will have a certain number of spots each Sunday. Once the spots are all filled, you will not be able to sign up for that specific date. It is necessary for each family to sign-up if you wish to attend.  We will sanitize before and after. Everyone is required to wear masks. More Diocesan guidelines to follow as we near the date. 


The program structure will be re-evaluated in December, and if necessary, changes will be made. 

Depending on the situation, our plans may change at any time before December. 


Sacramental Preparation: 

-First Communion: Along with Gospel Weeklies, first communion students will complete supplementary material to properly prepare. We will ask each candidate to submit the completed course for first reconciliation and first communion. We may use Google Classroom. First Communion  is offered for 2nd grade & up. 


-Confirmation: Confirmation classes will be held via Zoom, and the day & time will be decided after we receive the registration. At least two Protecting God’s Children certified adults will be present on Zoom, and each call will be recorded and archived. The material will be e-mailed to the parents & students weekly. We ask each candidate to submit the completed work via e-mail. We may use Google Classroom. Confirmation is offered for 9th grade & up. 


Registration Fee: 

-Due to the circumstances, we will not be collecting registration fees. We only accept free will donations.