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Religious Education Pre-K to 12th Grade

Religious Education Pre-K to 12th Grade

Church of Madonna Religious Formation

We are now offering 2 sessions of CCD classes. 9-12th grade class is only offered in Session B.
Session A 9:15AM-10:15AM (preK-8th)
10:30AM Mass with children 
Session B 11:30AM- 12:30PM (preK-12th)
*Classes are NOT interchangeable*
Registration Fees
The fee is $100 for one child, $175 for two or more children.
The sacrament fee if your child is celebrating First Holy Communion or Confirmation this year is $25

Scholarships For Any Family In Need!

We realize the increase might be a challenge for some families so we ask that those parents apply for a scholarship. We will assist those in need. Please contact Castielle Chun, DRE, to schedule an appointment: [email protected] or call 201-944-2727 ext. 3