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Eucharistic Ministry

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are laypeople who distribute the Eucharist during Mass and who bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound. As the title implies, there are also ordinary ministers: those who are ordained to the ministry including bishops, priests, and deacons. These ministers are usually the first in order to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ, the deacon being the customary minister of the cup. In most parishes, especially when Communion is offered under the forms of both consecrated bread and wine, there are rarely enough ordinary ministers for the timely distribution of Communion. 

The need for Extraordinary Ministers has increased as participation in Mass in our parish has increased. Parishioners with a devotion to the Eucharist, a deep humility and spirituality along with a desire to serve others are needed to help meet this need. Communion ministers receive spiritual, theological, and practical preparation to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence. This formation is offered from the Archdiocese of Newark as well as from our parish. Such preparation addresses appropriate attire, demeanor, and the manner in which to handle the consecrated bread and wine. Once this preparation is complete, these ministers receive a mandate from the Archdiocese and are commissioned for ministry in our parish community.

Communion ministers must be active, fully initiated and in good standing in the Catholic Church.

For more information about this ministry please contact the rectory office at Email or call 201-944-2727.