Welcoming A New Year – Resolutions For Catholics!

Make the new year a time of blessing by embracing the resolutions below. There are twelve of them, one for each month.

Rather than trying to embrace them all at once, select one for each month and work on developing a new practice.

We will be highlighting a new resolution each month throughout the year as a reminder. 

1 – Arrive early for Mass, spend some time in quiet meditation and prayer. Remember, prayer is not just speaking to God, it is also about listening to God. Make time to open your heart to God’s word.


2 – Find time to “unplug.” Turn off the television, radio, computer, smartphone, etc. Spend more time with people, less time with things.


3 – Consider fasting once in a while and spend the time praying for the hungry. Donate the money you would have spent on the meal to a food bank or homeless shelter.


4 – Take some time to enjoy God’s creation. Pause to experience a sunrise or sunset. Take a walk through a park or forest, or on an empty beach or on the shore of a lake. Recognize that God can be experienced in his handiwork.


5- Embrace the “holy” in the Holy Days. Make an extra effort to get to Mass on the Holy Days of Obligation. Use the day as an occasion to share a special meal with family or friends, celebrating the feast.


6 – Participate more fully at Mass by singing and responding wholeheartedly; become more actively involved in liturgy. Listen attentively go forth, “to love and serve.”


7 – Find time for spiritual reading to nurture your soul. Read the Bible or read about the saints. Start by reading the gospel reading for the next Sunday and reflect on what God is trying to say to you. At the same time pray for our priests that God may inspire their preaching.


8 – Bring God into your home. Grace before meals, a crucifix on the wall and other religious art (statues and paintings) remind us that faith should be part of the fabric of our lives.


9 – Consider attending “Coffee and”; slow down for a few minutes, spend time with fellow parishioners, build community. (after morning Masses on third Sunday of the month)

(refer to weekly bulletin)


10 – Look for opportunities to live out your faith on a daily basis by volunteering or reaching out to someone in need. Get involved.


11- Find a patron saint and learn about them and pray to them. The saints are God’s gifts to us. They are role models who show us that each one of us can find our way to God by striving to live out our Baptism more fully. Ask God for the desire to become a saint. Don’t settle for spiritual mediocrity.


12 – Practice gratitude and generosity more often. When we recognize what we have we realize how blessed we are already. Gratitude to God and others is good for our souls. At the same time, when we share what we have with others, our time, our treasure and our talents, we are doing God’s work.