Rectory & Staff

The Madonna Church Rectory staff is happy to help parishioners with the following services: 
Parishioner registration, Mass cards and intentions, weekly Eucharistic Bread and Sacramental Wine offerings, donations, sacramental records, appointment with priest, special Confession time, funeral Masses, grave site services, sanctuary lamps, annual votive candles, funeral arrangements and more. 
Parish Secretaries
Mely Araujo (9am-1pm)
Debbie Licsauer (10-5pm)
Mary Ann Lenkel (1pm-5pm)
Korean Community
Veronica Lee (9am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri)


Madonna Rectory Summer
The Rectory is open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
201-944-2727 or 
Refer to our Rectory staff below for other needs. 
FrBruce headshot
Rev. Bruce Janiga, Pastor
Managing parish, Rectory, overseeing cemetery mausoleum. Celebrating Masses, visiting and distributing Eucharist to the sick and elderly (senior citizens), and planning new parish events and fundraisers. Introducing new ministries and adorations, connecting and supporting local communities, parishes, food pantries, and meals for sick. If you have any concerns regarding our parish, please contact me:
Rev. James Cho, Parochial Vicar
Contact me to learn more about the Madonna Church Korean Community: or Veronica Lee, Secretary: or call 201-803-7557.
Also visit our webpage: Korean Community of Madonna Church.  
fr john enhanced & cropped
Rev. John Berchmans, Parochial Vicar
Visiting and distributing Eucharist to the sick and elderly (senior citizens), sharing Faith during Monday Night Rosary with Madonna parishioners and local parishes, seminarian vocations with Knights of Columbus, organizing trips to the Holy Land. Just celebrated 25th year as a priest.
Max headshot
Max Almenas, Dir. of Religious Formation, Youth Minister 
Collaborating with Fr. Bruce, catechists and parents to provide the best religious formation for children PreK-8th. Providing baptismal preparation for parents and godparents. Sharing the Faith with teenagers in youth group and encouraging them to fulfill their discipleship by standing up for the poor, elderly (senior citizens), and the unborn.
Joey final headshot
Joseph Arcilla, Music Director
If you would like to join the Madonna Church Children’s or Adult Choir, please contact me at:
Gregory Lopez, Cemetery Superintendent 
If you’re interested in learning details about the Madonna Cemetery or mausoleum, please contact me at:
Donna Cole, Pastoral Associate 
If you’re interested in learning details about the upcoming Liturgical and Bethany Ministries, and Adult Programs on Liturgy and the Sacraments, please contact me at:

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