What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is the Sacrament instituted by Christ in promising to send the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-21) and attested to in the early Church (Acts 8, 19), in which the celebrant (the bishop) invokes the gift of the Holy Spirit upon a baptized person and anoints the candidate with Holy Chrism. 

When is Confirmation this year? October 14th!

Confirmation for 9th graders from Madonna’s Religious Formation and Christ the Teacher School will be Oct 14th, 2017 at 11a.m. in the main church. All candidates will be required to register online by August 14, 2017. Please read all the info below and register each candidate at the bottom of this page.


Confirmation Schedule: 

SEPTEMBER 10th 11:30am-12pm – Confirmation Orientation (cafeteria)
and 1st Confirmation class: 12pm-1pm.

17th – 11:30am-12:30pm – 2nd Confirmation Class

24th: 11:30am-12:30pm – 3rd Confirmation Class


1st – 10:30am Mass & Confirmation Retreat – Loyola Jesuit Center – Morristown, NJ 

8th 11:30am-12:30pm – 4th and FINAL Confirmation Class
14thConfirmation Ceremony!
15th – 1pm-3pm – Youth Group Day!

Select Confirmation Sponsors

While parents selected godparents for their child’s Baptism, the child being confirmed selects their Confirmation sponsor. When choosing a sponsor, there are a few requirements.
The sponsor must be 16 years or older, cannot be your parent, and must be a confirmed and a practicing Catholic who attends church regularly.

*If sponsor is NOT a parishioner of Madonna Church, they must submit a Sponsorship letter from their church confirming the sponsor is a practicing Catholic. 

Some recommendations include selecting an adult they look up to as a mentor, someone who lives nearby so they can attend meetings, and someone who is easy to talk to and mentor the child, especially when they are going through a difficult phase in their life.

Complete 3 Community Services 

Has your child completed their three required community services for Confirmation? If not, get them started now by signing them up for 3 of these Confirmation Community Service Events:


1) Saturday – July 29th, 4:30pm – Madonna Dinner & Movie Night – cafeteria


2) Saturday, August 19th, 9am – Spruce Day – meet inside cafeteria for assignments.


3) Saturday, September 9th, 9am – Youth Group Car Wash – Christ the Teacher parking lot


4) Saturday, September 30th, 7am – 2nd Annual Madonna 5K – meet outside parish hall gym 


To volunteer for any of these events, please register your child at the bottom of this page and select choice of event. If your child needs help fulfilling these requirements, contact Max Almenas, Director of Religious: Max@MadonnaChurch.org
Choose a Saint Name
Candidates must inform the DRE if they will be using their birth name or a confirmation name by the day of Confirmation Orientation. The Confirmation name should be the name of a saint they admire. For a list of saint names, click here
Sponsor Letter BEFORE Confirmation Retreat!

The Sacrament of Confirmation is extremely crucial in securing for each candidate a fulfilling and lifelong connection with Christ and the values of our Catholic faith. 

Therefore, each Confirmation retreat at the Loyola Jesuit Center is conducted in a manner most conducive to preparing your students to receive and understand the Sacrament as deeply as the Lord intends them to. 


Through the use of multimedia educational tools, bonding exercises, creative reinforcement, and a special emphasis on self-exploration and reflection, we aim to foster within them an earnest desire to strengthen their relationship with the Lord. 

I have incorporated the specific themes you requested into the development of this retreat. Reconciliation is optional and can add about forty extra minutes to the length of the retreat depending on the size of your group.

A very special part of our program includes quiet time for each candidate to read a prewritten, personal letter.  Ideally, these letters should be written by each student’s sponsor. 

If that is not possible, a parent may write the letter instead.  In the event that a student does not get a letter from either a sponsor or parent, we ask that a teacher write one, so no child is left out. 

It is preferable that these letters will be a surprise to the students.  At the very least, all letters must be sealed and not viewed by the students prior to the retreat. 

Please try to address the following questions or as many of them as possible, thanks:

  1. Qualities or talents that make the candidate special
  2. How the writer has seen God work in both their own life and that of the candidate’s
  3. Any spiritual advice they would like to pass along
  4. Hopes for the candidate’s future, regarding both faith and general happiness


The writers should feel free to add anything they feel relevant or important.  These letters will not be read by anyone other than the candidates themselves. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


Make a Difference With Madonna Youth Group!
Want to take community service to another level? Make a REAL difference and have fun doing it? If you’re in 7-12th grade, click here to learn more about our Youth Group!

Parents…Register Candidates Here

To ensure we have up-to-date information for our Confirmandi (Confirmation candidates), it’s important parents register their teens. Please fill out the form below to receive important updates and to ensure our records are accurate.