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“Blessed” – Sacramental Preparation

There’s never been anything like Blessed in the Catholic world for children. World-class animation. Workbooks that are works of art. Catechist-friendly leader guides. And incredible content that meets children where they are and leads them, step by step, to where God is calling them to be. Blessed isn’t just different, it’s groundbreaking.

It is a high quality animated series that relates to children of this generation on their level. It’s a great way for parents and children to learn together at home! 

Now that you have your workbooks, click here to begin watching the series! 
To view each session in order, click the links provided below:
Watch each session. Each session has contains 7 short videos. View and discuss a session per week. You’ll have 6 weeks to complete 6-8 sessions.  Steps to each session includes a moment to FOCUS, ACT & PRAY. This is a wonderful way for the entire family to grow in their faith!   

If you did not attend orientation to receive your workbook or you DO NOT have internet access at home, please email me to can make arrangements to provide all the necessary information you’ll need to ensure proper preparation for both sacraments.

– Max Almenas, DRE, or 201-461-4261

2018 Penance / First Holy Communion Calendar


FEB 10th -11am – Penance Service – 2nd grade CCD & CTT – Madonna Church

*25th –10am – Penance for Grades 3rd & 4th – Christ the Teacher classrooms


*MARCH 4th –  10am – Penance for Grades 5th & 6th – Christ the Teacher classrooms

11th – 10am – Penance for Grades 7th-8th – Christ the Teacher classrooms

*1st Holy Communion Orientation  – cafeteria

*MAR 18th – 10am –  2nd grade CCD & CTT


MAY 3rd7pm – 1st Holy Communion GROUP Rehearsal Madonna Church (please arrive by 6:30pm)

5th –11am – 1st Holy Communion GROUP Ceremony – 2nd grade CCD & CTT – 

Madonna Church

6th1st Holy Communion during 9am Mass (option 1 if not celebrating with group) 2nd grade CCD & CTT 

12th1st Holy Communion during 5:30pm Mass (option 2 if not celebrating with group) 2nd grade CCD & CTT

13th – 1st Holy Communion during 9am Mass (option 3 if not celebrating with group) 2nd grade CCD & CTT


CCD – (Madonna Religious Formation students)

CTT – (Christ the Teacher students)


REQUIREMENTS: Children should be within the age of reason (at least 7 years old or older) and in second grade or older), and already baptized in a Catholic church or a church of a Christian denomination recognized by the USCCB, in order to receive First Holy Communion. They should also have at least two years of religious formation completed before they celebrate First Holy Communion. If your child does not meet these requirements, please contact Max Almenas, DRE, or call 201-461-4261. 


IMPORTANT: CTT parents have the option of having their child celebrate 1st Holy Communion and/or Confirmation ceremonies at Madonna Church or their parish. 

If you are a registered parishioner from another parish, you will need a letter of permission from your pastor to have your child celebrate their sacrament at Madonna Parish.

Please inform the Madonna Religious Formation office where your child will celebrate their sacraments in advance. Contact: Max Almenas, DRE for more information: 201-461-4261 or


Attire during First Holy Communion Ceremony:

Girls are to wear white dresses with white shoes. Veils are optional. 
Boys are to wear a blazer and dark slacks or dark suits in either grey, blue or black with black shoes and dark socks. Boys should also wear a conservative tie. No white suits or white shoes for boys. No sneakers for boys or girls.

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