Madonna Cemetery & Mausoleum

mausoleum and church on the hill


Welcome, and thank you for visiting Madonna Cemetery & Mausoleum located at 2070 Hoefley’s Lane
in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We are a Parish Cemetery in the Archdiocese of Newark.
The Cemetery Mausoleum Office number is 201-944-7723 or 866-392-1951 (toll free). 
Fax: 201.944.3779. Go to or email Gregory Lopez, Cemetery Superintendent at: for more details.  
Overlooking the Meadowlands, from the highest geographical point in Bergen County, is the historic Madonna Church on the Hill, the county’s oldest Catholic church.

Open to the pubic, we invite you to visit and pray for our parish beyond the grave, for which Mass is celebrated on the last Sunday of every month. One of the Catholic Church’s “Spiritual Works of Mercy” is to “Pray for the living and our deceased loved ones”. 


Weekly Sunday Mass (11am), funeral masses and weddings are also celebrated in the Church on the Hill.

Our Mission

One of the Catholic Church’s “Corporal Works of Mercy” is to “Bury our deceased loved ones”. Our mission is to do so with dignity and to maintain the sacred resting places of our parish beyond the grave with respect. Caring for the deceased until the ressurection, so that they may one day enter God’s kingdom in glory.
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On the grounds next to the historic Madonna Church on the HIll is the first fully enclosed catholic mausoleum built in Bergen County. It was dedicated and opened in September of 1973.
The last of the next two phases were completed in September of 1979. All three phases when full will be the resting place for 9500. The fourth and final phase, the “All Saints” section, recently completed, will be the resting place for 3,100.


mausoleum interior and statue
mausoleum chapel
Both the existing and new “All Saints” mausoleum have niches to accomodate cremated human remains in urn containers. Single and double urn niches are available.

2015 Service Fees 

(as of March 1, 2015)

Interments (Monday-Friday 9am-12noon & 1pm-2pm)

Single/double depth $1950.00

Triple Depth $2150.00

*Interments (Saturday 9am-12noon)*

Single/double depth $2250.00

Triple Depth $2400.00

Note: An additional $200.00 will be charged for every ½ hour or any part after 12noon.

* Maximum vault size is 34 ½ inches or less where required.

Other Charges

Second burial (same time and grave) $600.00

Cremated Human Remains (Monday-Friday 9am-10:30am & 1:30pm-2pm)

Interment $850.00

Interment of second CHR (same time and grave) $400.00

Interment of CHR placed in a casket (same time and grave) $300.00


*Urn vaults are required. *No Saturday burials.

Entombments (Monday-Friday 9am-12noon & 1pm-2pm)

Community and Private $1225.00


Note: A sealed metal casket is required for entombment; wood caskets will be allowed only if a “Sealing Ziegler Case” is placed inside.

Required: #40double zinc liner-Madonna Chapel or Kryprotek liner-All Saints Section.

Private mausoleum crypt fronts are to be removed and replaced by an insured monument setter.

The actual entombment is done by Madonna cemetery employees.

Mausoleum interior

Entombments (Saturday 9am-12noon)

Community and Private $1425.00

Note: An additional $200.00 will be charged for every ½ hour or any part after 12noon.

Second entombment (same time and crypt) $550.00

Inurnments (Monday-Friday 9am-10:30am & 1:30pm-2pm)

Non-niche crypt $1225.00

Saint’s Aisle niche $600.00

Niche Wall $500.00

All Saint’s Niche $600.00


Other Charges

Second inurnment (same time and niche) $175.00

One inurnment right within the existing crypt $750.00

including documentation, recording and perpetual care.

(restriction-urn must fit within crypt with liner)

Mausoleum Holy Innocents Section

Community Holy Innocents Crypt entombment $750.00

*Includes the cost related to the required zinc liner, soldering of the liner, opening and closing of the crypt front and the lettering on the crypt front.


The prices for crypts and niches in our community mausoleum vary throughout.

Note: Please call the cemetery office for any charges that are not listed.


4 at cross wide

Cemetery office: Monday through Friday, 8:30 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 4:00 Saturday: 8:30 – 12:00

Cemetery: Monday through Friday, dawn to dusk

Mausoleum: Monday through Sunday, 8:45 – 3:45 Closed New Years Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Church on the Hill: Sunday Mass, 11:00 am; Opened daily from 8:30 – 3:45 Closed New Years Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, Christmas Eve Mass, 4:30 pm


Please contact the rectory office at 201.944.2727 to schedule funeral masses or weddings. 
Contact our counselor at 201-944-7723 for help with crypt and/or niche pre-need or at-need prices. You can also email Gregory Lopez, Cemetery Superintendent at: for more details. 
Go to for more details.  
The Madonna Cemetery and Mausoleum are located at 2070 Hoefley’s Lane in Fort Lee New Jersey. Click map below for directions.